Utility GIS


In today’s Electric Utility companies, location plays an important role in Asset Management, Network Planning, Network Design and Analysis, Asset Maintenance and Operation.

At RedPlanet, we strive to help our customers to optimize and enhance their business process by implementing Enterprise-based location intelligence solutions to manage their networks and assets.

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In today ‘s Telecom Industry, location-based intelligence, mobile applications and communications network play a key role in Planning & Operating of the network maintaining and managing critical network assets.

At RedPlanet, we offer solutions that seamlessly integrate location-based intelligence products. Our Solutions help you to deploy asset utilization, effective planning and for making the data available across the enterprise.

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In today’s Gas Industry, location-based intelligence acts as a fulcrum for managing consumer and Asset life cycle.

At RedPlanet, we offer Industry data model with application suite. Our Unique approach in the application suite, helps customer to have a reliable enterprise system for effective network planning and operation management.

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In today‘s, location-based intelligence for Water plays a proactive role in managing water distribution network and assets. Location is no longer looked upon as a single function tool for locating pipes and facilities but rather as a whole platform for understanding and optimizing water operations.

At RedPlanet, we provide customized solutions in applications to supports Utilities companies with the operations, maintenance and reporting requirements of associated with their Water Supply network assets.

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