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RedPlanet provides premier GIS services to every industry sector, division, market or business area that require location-based intelligence.
At RedPlanet, we strive to help our customers optimize and enhance their business processes through GIS Solutions.

“Adapting Current Systems for Future Enhancement”

“Transferring Knowledge and Vision To Your Organization”

RedPlanet provides various GIS trainings across all major GIS products to support all GIS users. Our approach is to provide custom GIS training programmes that do not come with pre-canned materials but are tailor-made to suit each customer needs.

To achieve this, RedPlanet offer regular and part-time training programs to anyone who wishes to apply GIS in their domain of activity.

RedPlanet work with customers to automate business processes and improve overall performance via Application Development, Data Modelling and Systems Integration.

Throughout the years, we have acquired an extensive set of skills in the area of GIS implementation as well as custom application development across all major GIS technologies.

“Adapting Current Systems for Future Enhancement”

“Optimizing Your Data For Better Future Integration”

GIS applications work best when they contain the right data, in the right form, at the right time to drive them efficiently. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that the manipulation of the data style, structure and content are deduced, besides performing a data model transformation.

A properly implemented data transformation can only improve the data value but also reduce long-term data maintenance costs.

A GIS Audit is performed in order to analyze and summarize the current usage and performance of GIS in a client’s typical business operations.

“Making your GIS smarter”