It has been well known that Financial institutions have relied on location intelligence to make better decisions regarding site selection and market potential.

Now, with the increase of smartphone adoption, mobile banking, and fast changing technologies enable banks to have a real-world, real-time impact on every consumer’s experience. The result: today’s location intelligent is more customer-centric.

As brands get closer to consumers via relevant social interactions and on-the-go touch points, financial institutions that master location intelligence will gain a significant advantage over competition—the kind of advantage that delights customers, wins loyalty, and grows revenue.

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Flood restoration, earthquake damage, hurricane cleanup or man-made disaster… All are location-based phenomena. In addition, increased competition from new entrants, a lack of capital and the need to cut costs are forcing insurance companies to double their efforts in the search for competitive advantage. In addition,

So how do insurance companies use location intelligence at their advantage?

GIS can provide Insurance companies every location-based insight they need, and It can also be used as Risk Manager as It uses smart maps, data analysis and all of the features for controlling risks and managing business strategies of Insurance companies.

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