Data Services

Drone Mapping

The demand for high quality aerial data capture from drones or UAS is growing fast and now professional standard drones are readily available at affordable prices. The technology removes the guesswork when it comes to judging a range of data and can potentially help to save time and money on surveying project.

Drone mapping has HUGE potential for number of sectors including utilities, construction, agriculture, mining, infrastructure inspection and real estate. Having a clear, accurate photograph and a 3D model of the project area, complete with measurements, is advantageous in terms of decision-making.

  • Planning
  • Survey
  • Image Processing
  • Output
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Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping Solutions are designed to document the real world in 3D. The systems map everything: railway tracks with power lines, coastlines, roads with traffic signs, signposts and road side objects. This technology is a great fit for Power, Electric and Distribution Utility applications. When massive amounts of data are required, collecting point cloud and image data quickly from a vehicle allows for utility management of large areas that are difficult to cover with point-to-point mapping on the ground. With 3D mobile mapping these tasks can be done quickly and accurately.

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